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November Wind

November When the Wind Blows The changes of the season are in progress and the transition of another winter starts this month.  Just as the winter fishing starts and the…

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The Bottom Fishing Tournament

Well our annual tournament schedule is finally finished with the conclusion of the Bottom Fishing Tournament.    We had 9 boats weigh fish with lots of nice Grouper weighed in.

The Individual Top Angler honors go to Michelle Miller with a BIG 19.7 Lb. Grouper.  Followed by Dan Lom with a 17.9 Lb Grouper and Jack Ogin Jr. with a 17.3 Lb Grouper.

First Place went to AJ Proescher on the Debt Finder with  35.8 Lbs of nothing but Grouper!

Second Place went to Vern Summersill on the SS Marmaduke with  30.1 Lbs.

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The Light Tackle Tournament

The Light Tackle Tournament was another successful day on the water.  8 club boats participated and all but one weighed in fish!  That one lone boat was our president, Chris Rooney.  It wasn’t because he couldn’t catch any fish, but his new boat had engine problems, and he limped in on one engine.

Greg Wallace won the tournament with a very impressive weight of 45.6 pounds!  That was (3) Three fish weighing 45.6 pounds on (8) Pound test line!  3 X 8 = 24  that means every fish he caught weighed more than the breaking strength of the line!  That shows real skill in playing the fish! 

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The Hamaker Cup!

The JOSFC holds the Hamaker Cup for another year!  Congratulation to this year's winner of the Hamaker Cup, Captain Mark Aley with a 32.8 lb King.  Captain Mark Aley holds…

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The Powder Puff Tournament

Judys_sailWe had a great Powder Puff Tournament !  14 boats signed up, and 14 ladies weighed fish.

The winners are Tim & Judy Altman on the boat Reel Hooked Up!  Total Weight 73.7 pounds, but 50 of those were a Sailfish Release!

That is Judy on the leftwith her winning fish!

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The Kingfish Tune-up Tournament

The kingfish Tune-Up Tournament was a tough one.  The weather was good, but the fishing was hard. There were lots of sharks and Cuda’s caught, but the Kingfish were hard…

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Tina’s 40 pounder

      No, Tina Proescher is NOT standing way back from her Kingfish.  That is a 40.5 Lb Kingfish that she caught July 11, 2010.  Unfortunately she was not entered in…

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Captain John Conrad Lau

Our Guest Speaker this Thursday is Captain John Conrad Lau.  He will be giving a seminar on Kingfishing.  How does it and wins consistently. Captain Conrad Lau has been fishing…

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Ladies Sailfish Pot Winner!

Congratulations Tammy McVea!   Friday, June 18, 2010, Tammy McVea won the Ladies Sailfish Pot! She is now officially Charlene Parker’s new best friend!  Tammy will be putting on the Ladies…

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Naval Ship Museum

Here is something that some of us might be interested in getting involved with.  This group is trying to get a Navy ship as a historical museum for Jacksonville. If…

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