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2011 Non-Live Tournament

 The Captain of the Year Race is off to a good start this year with two of our nine club tournaments done.

The Non-Live Tournament went off on Saturday, April 23rd with 9 boats participating in spite of the bumpy water.

The Winner was Capt. Greg Wallace with an impressive 52.3 pound 3 fish total waight!

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2011 River Tournament

Tom_Cavin_77LBWell can you guess who won the River Tournament?  Here is a hint, the picture on the left is Tom Cavin, with a 77 Lb Black Drum!   Want to guess now?  No it was not Eddie McGowan, he was being nice to everyone and came in 6th place Just to give everyone a chance.

OK, I will tell you, 1st place went to Tom!  It is really hard to beat 77 Lbs especially when it is one fish!

The COY ( Captain of the Year ) race is off to a good start.  We had 10 boats compete, with 8 weighing in fish. I believe there were 15 Anglers weighing in fish for individual honors but we only pay 1through 3 for Anglers. 

Andy Proescher took 1st place Angler with 8.2 Lbs

Jake Ogin was 2nd with 7.4 Lbs

Tina Proescher captured 3rd with 5.9 Lbs


The COY points broke down like this:

Tom Cavin – 10 Points

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Fighting the Snapper Closure

This is a GREAT article on the Amendment 17A Snapper Closure, and what we are fighting so hard to correct.  We owe a big thanks to Jim for the work he does!


By Jim Sutton

Jim_SuttonOn Friday, Amendment 17A went into effect, with a caveat that a massive fishing closure off the coast of Northeast Florida and a sliver of Southeast Georgia be delayed for six months.

The amendment shuts down a portion of the Atlantic — about 4,800 square miles — to nearly every targetable bottom fish from 98 feet east to 240 feet. The closure runs from approximately 12 miles north of Sebastian, Fla., to around Brunswick, Ga. And according to the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, it is meant to remedy severe overfishing of red snapper. The SAFMC oversees Atlantic waters from North Carolina to Key West.

Originally, the plan included the entire region in this closure of over 70 species of reef fish. But one by one, some states were excluded from the fishing closure. According to the SAFMC, that is an incorrect statement. It insists no states were excluded from the closure, but that some states were “not included” in the closure. I stand corrected.

First, North Carolina became not included. South Carolina was “not included” next. The SAFMC OK’d this because, it said, the waters

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