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2011 River Tournament

2011 River Tournament

Tom_Cavin_77LBWell can you guess who won the River Tournament?  Here is a hint, the picture on the left is Tom Cavin, with a 77 Lb Black Drum!   Want to guess now?  No it was not Eddie McGowan, he was being nice to everyone and came in 6th place Just to give everyone a chance.

OK, I will tell you, 1st place went to Tom!  It is really hard to beat 77 Lbs especially when it is one fish!

The COY ( Captain of the Year ) race is off to a good start.  We had 10 boats compete, with 8 weighing in fish. I believe there were 15 Anglers weighing in fish for individual honors but we only pay 1through 3 for Anglers. 

Andy Proescher took 1st place Angler with 8.2 Lbs

Jake Ogin was 2nd with 7.4 Lbs

Tina Proescher captured 3rd with 5.9 Lbs


The COY points broke down like this:

Tom Cavin – 10 Points

Greg Wallace  – 9 Points

AJ Proescher – 8 Points

Will Aitken – 7 Points

Butch Ogin – 6 Points

Eddie McGowan – 5 Points

Tony Thompson – 4 Points

Steve Kalaitzis – 3 Points

Only 8 boats weighed in fish.

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