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Tournament Schedule

Club Tournaments


As of the start of our tournament season for 2022 we are now running our tournaments as a month long tournament for each type of tournament.  here is how it works.  For February 2022 we have the Sheepshead Tune-Up Tournament.  That runs all month, BUT you may only fish ( 1 ) ONE day.  You choose what day you want to fish, and you MUST CALL or TEXT BOTH the Tournament Director AND the Fishing Director to declare your fishing day by 8:00 PM the night before that declared day.

See the specific rules under the General Tournament Rules found under the “TOURNAMENTS” tab at the top of the page and down to “Tournament Rules”.  IMPORTANT DETAILS

Schedule for both Inshore and Offshore


OFFSHORE Tournaments

INSHORE Tournaments


Sheepshead Tune-Up Tournament

Sheepshead Tune-Up Tournament


Non-Live Bait Tournament

River Tournament


Unlimited Trolling Tournament

Shrimp Only Tournament


May Trolling Tournament

Redfish Tournament


Roulette Tournament

Whiting Tournament


Kingfish Tune-Up Tournament

Roulette Tournament


Lady Angler Tournament ( 18 and over )

Lady Angler Tournament ( 18 and over )


Bottom Fishing Tournament

Flounder Tournament

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