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The Bottom Fishing Tournament

The Bottom Fishing Tournament

Well our annual tournament schedule is finally finished with the conclusion of the Bottom Fishing Tournament.    We had 9 boats weigh fish with lots of nice Grouper weighed in.

The Individual Top Angler honors go to Michelle Miller with a BIG 19.7 Lb. Grouper.  Followed by Dan Lom with a 17.9 Lb Grouper and Jack Ogin Jr. with a 17.3 Lb Grouper.

First Place went to AJ Proescher on the Debt Finder with  35.8 Lbs of nothing but Grouper!

Second Place went to Vern Summersill on the SS Marmaduke with  30.1 Lbs.


Third Place went to Amos Riley on the Jay Hauuker with  23.7 Lbs.

Fourth Place went to Chris Bernacki on the Parts-n-Labor with  22.3 Lbs.

Fifth Place went to Jack F. Ogin on the Adrenaline with 19.8 Lbs.

Sixth Place went to Chris Rooney on the Driftin-N-Dreamin II with 15.5 Lbs.

Seventh Place went to Rob Cripe on the Reel Tight with  10.1 Lbs.

Eighth Place went to Jeff Deyton on the In Hot Pursuit with 8.7 Lbs.

Ninth Place went to Steve Kalaitzis on the Thelfini with 8.4 Lbs

The next tournament we have to start working on is the 2011 El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament scheduled for February 26, 2011!  But don’t go away, we have the Annual Awards Banquet coming then the Thanksgiving Potluck and the Christmas Party to look forward to.



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