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SAFMC Battle

Here are some facts that you can use to battle the closures.

According to the American Sports Fishing Association, Florida leads the nation in impact from recreational fishing. What’s more, if you take NE Florida’s share of that, (Grorga Border to St. Augustine, but not south of St. Augustine.) you come up with about $600 million in annual economic impact.

That is $600 Million to the local economy EACH AND EVERY YEAR!

Did you know. . . . . .

  • That Florida is known as the “Sport Fishing Capital Of the World”
  • That one out of twelve houses in Florida have a Boat 16 foot or larger.
  • That Florida is ranked FIRST in the nation in the number of adult anglers with California second and Texas third.
  • That Florida is ranked NUMBER ONE in boat sales with Michigan second and Texas third Minnesota fourth and California fifth.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says in a report released Monday,January 13, 2009. That Florida makes up more than $16 Billion of the total economic impact of recreational fishing in the United States. (From the U.S. Department of Agruculture the 2005 TOTAL Wheat production was worth $5.9 Billion dollars.) In other words, Florida fishing alone is worth MORE to the Gross National Product, than all the Wheat producing states!
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says in a report released Monday that saltwater anglers spent $5.8 billion nationwide on expenses related to their fishing trips, such as ice and bait.   Another $25.6 billion was spent on fishing equipment. Florida saltwater anglers led the nation by spending more than $16 billion.
  • There are more than 80,000 jobs in Florida related to recreational fishing. Florida Sport Fishing Magazine – March / April 2007

Here is another fact that you should take note of. In the State of Florida, Anglers outnumber Golfers by two to one!

The economic impact for the Jacksonville area from 1 (one ) AT&T Greater Jax Kingfishing Tournament, 2008 was found to be approximately $14.8 Million Dollars!

The Jacksonville Offshore Sports Fishing Club puts on a tournament in February each year called the “El Cheapo”. It is, again, the worlds largest Sheepshead fishing tournament. It is has over 300 boats every year, and has fishermen coming from New York, Georga, Louisana, Texas, North Caroliana, Missippi, and Tampa, Key West, Orlando, Talahassie and all over Florida, all spending money locally!

Florida salt and freshwater fishing licenses produce $32 million which is used for:

  • Law officers to enforce fishing regulations.
  • Habitat enhancement.
  • Boating access.
  • Grants for artificial reefs.

Abolishing fishing licenses would also cost the state most of the $13 million it receives under the federal Sport Fish Restoration Act, from federal excise taxes on fishing gear, fuel and electric motors.

Join The R.F.A.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance is the organization that is fighting the SAMFC in the courts, for all of us! They need every member and penny they can raise to fight this battle.

If you fish, you should be a member of the R.F.A. It is that simple. They need YOU!  Don’t depend on the other guy to join and fight for you, you need to do it NOW

The SAFMC Battle Ground

The Feds are closing down fishing on the East Coast of the U.S.  They have already shut down Grouper, Red Snapper and Sea Bass. Their new targets are Dolphin (the fish, not Flipper), Cobia, Wahoo and Amberjack. That will effectively end any offshore fishing in the South East Atlantic.

I am attaching a link to this post. When submitted it goes directly to the SAFMC that makes these rules. The first section of the comment form has been left blank. Please fill in who you are and your fishing experience in the Atlantic. Even if you have never fished, fill in the bio info and tell them that you have friends and family that do fish and that you occasionally enjoy a fresh fish dinner. The remainder of the comment sections are pre-completed for your easy submission. Feel free to change any of the pre-completed sections if you do not agree with what has been written. I am not done asking for favors. Please forward to all your friends. Please post this on any of your other web forums.  Also if you participate in the world of Social Media ( Facebook, Myspace, Tweeter etc. ) please post this message. We need this to go viral!

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