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The Light Tackle Tournament

The Light Tackle Tournament

The Light Tackle Tournament was another successful day on the water.  8 club boats participated and all but one weighed in fish!  That one lone boat was our president, Chris Rooney.  It wasn’t because he couldn’t catch any fish, but his new boat had engine problems, and he limped in on one engine.

Greg Wallace won the tournament with a very impressive weight of 45.6 pounds!  That was (3) Three fish weighing 45.6 pounds on (8) Pound test line!  3 X 8 = 24  that means every fish he caught weighed more than the breaking strength of the line!  That shows real skill in playing the fish! 

Here is the rest of the field and where they fininhed.

Rob Cripe on the Reel Tight was second with 26.9 pounds.

Eddie McGowan in third with 22.5 pounds.  Don’t tell anyone but Eddie has sown up Captain of the Year!  Congratulations Eddie!

Fourth was AJ with 19.4 pounds.

Fifth was Steve Kalaitzs with 15.2 pounds.

Sixth was Laddie Birge with 13.8 pounds.

Seventh was Ken Young with 1.6 pounds.

Finally Chris Rooney with a DNF.

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