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What You Missed

What You Missed

This is from our November 4, 2021 club meeting.  We start every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next we have a “Dinner” , or something to eat, so you do not have to go home after work, eat dinner, then realize you are going to be late to the meeting, or are now full and tired and just don’t want to go out again, and miss another Great JOSFC meeting!




For this meeting Chris Jones served up a GREAT Taco Bar with “Fixins” to suit all the different taste of our members.



After we eat, Rob Vermillion our President starts the meeting with welcoming new members.  Here Brian Shell is introduced as this was his first meeting that he attended since joining On-Line. 

We also hand out “Fish Slips” to members that have caught a fish that is the biggest of the year for the different Boards like you see behind Rob.  Each time you get a fish on the board, yo get a $5.00 Fish slip that is good at several fishing stores around town and at the club house for raffle tickets and club merchandise. 

We try to alternate a Guest Speaker at one meeting, and an activity of some type like Knot Tying, Bait Rigging, Cast Net Throwing to even teaching how to back a trailer for the members that have trouble with that task.

On the left is Club member Dustin Girard giving a really good seminar on Wahoo trolling.  Over the next 2 to 3 months the Wahoo bite will be the main target for our offshore fishermen and Ladies.

We also have speakers for our Inshore members, as they are a good part of our membership.  We have a full slate of club tournaments for the Offshore and Inshore Captains and for both Inshore and Offshore captains there is no charge for members to fish these tournaments!


We always end our meetings with a great Raffle! 

The Grand prize is usually a good Rod & Reel combo worth about  $160.00 +  ( There is ONE CATCH when you win the Rod & Reel, you have to vacuum the club house! )

Our Club House is also the Mayport Community Center, and we always leave it ready for anyone else to use.

On the left is Stacey Schwab our Membership Director doing double duty and selling Raffle tickets during the meeting.

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