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The Powder Puff Tournament

The Powder Puff Tournament

Judys_sailWe had a great Powder Puff Tournament !  14 boats signed up, and 14 ladies weighed fish.

The winners are Tim & Judy Altman on the boat Reel Hooked Up!  Total Weight 73.7 pounds, but 50 of those were a Sailfish Release!

That is Judy on the leftwith her winning fish!

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Captain/Angler                                                           Wieght

Reel Hooked Up                                           Tim Altman / Judy
Altman                                                    73.7 pounds

Kelly Wallace                                              Greg Wallace / Lu
Anne Miller                                                 53.7

Captain’s Pay                                             Jimmy Snyder / Lisa
Snyder                                                    44.8

S S Marmaduke                                      Vernon Summersill / Marcy
Summersill                                             43.8

Debt Finder                                              A J Proscher / Tina
Proscher                                                     41.6

Bite This                                               Eddie McGowan / BJ                                                                  


Captain’sPay                                         Jimmy Snyder / Laura
Ogin                                                          30.4

Bite This                                                Eddie McGowan / Sandy
McGowan                                              26.8

Thelfini                                               Steve Kalaitus / Pati
Kalaitus                                               24.2

P-N-L                                                Chris Bernacki / Jeanne
Bernacki                                             22.3

Let’s Go                                          Rob Darner /
Madison Darner                                   10.4
Bailey Darner                                        10.1
Connie Darner                                      9.7

Lucy Too                                               Steve Shaw / Madison
Shaw                                                 8.6

Justification                                           Dale Shelton / Teri
Shelton                                                 1.7

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