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Harm’s Ledge

The H.L. is named for one of the original members and pioneers of the club, Gus Harms. Gus owned a service station that was located at the corner of Hendrix Ave. and Prudential Drive. Several years ago I passed by that area and noticed that someone had opened a restaurant in the original building. I don’t know if it is still open, but it sure brought back memories.

If fishing was off or if the weather was bad enough to keep the fleet in, you could kill the time waiting for better weather by running between Gus’s service station and Finkelsteins; just like the “Tackle Junkies” of today.

When you stopped by Gus’s, the biggest problem was parking so you didn’t block the gas pumps or service bays. The same problems that the “Tackle Junkies” have today. One of the service bays was usually filled with buoys or a boat. There were a lot of buoys assembled there and many cans of beer swallowed at Gus’s Service Station.

A nice memory of a nice man and a good natural reef to fish. H.L., Harm’s Ledge.

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