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Blackmar’s Reef

Blackmar’s Reef is named for Ray Blackmar, one of the original members of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club (JOSFC).

Charlie Hamaker, the JOSFC’s “Unofficial Historian” remembers meeting Ray Blackmar in 1963, after attending several club meetings at Monty’s Marina. He took Charlie under tow and gave him one-on-one lessons on how to twist wire and how to make rigs correctly.

“Ray was free with information and would gladly share his knowledge with club members,” remembers Charlie. “At that time, he was probably one of the best fishermen in the club.”

“At a time when electronic navigation (Loran or GPS) was unheard of (or unaffordable), Ray would ‘Dead Reckon’ to the area known today as B.R. He could do it on a consistent basis regardless of sea conditions.” Because of modern day electronics this is a skill which is being practiced less and less.

But Ray was a good club member and a good seaman.
94 degrees from jetties at 28.1 miles. This area has good natural bottom along with three sunken vessels to create artificial reefs. This has proved to be very successful for fishing. Good catches of striking and bottom fishing all year. 105 to 110 feet of water.

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