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Rabbitt’s Lair

The RL area was named for one of the original members of the JOSFC, Linden Heston. Linden had a 20-foot Thunderbird named the Rapid Rabbit. So it would be only fitting to name this natural bottom reef as the Rabbit’s Lair.

Linden was a devoted Club member and dedicated a lifetime of work to help make this club what it is today.

When I first joined the club and volunteered for different committees, Linden was always on them. It didn’t matter whether it was banding tires together or building buoys, you could count on Linden to always be there.

Several years, Linden was at home, working on preparing his boat for a fishing trip when he passed away. He loved boats, the ocean, fishing and the JOSFC.

It is great to have the memory of Linden Heston left behind in the form of a natural reef, such as the Rabbit’s Lair.

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