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Ladies Sailfish Pot Winner!

Ladies Sailfish Pot Winner!

Congratulations Tammy McVea!  

Tammy_Sail_2_copyFriday, June 18, 2010, Tammy McVea won the Ladies Sailfish Pot! She is now officially Charlene Parker’s new best friend!  Tammy will be putting on the Ladies Sailfish Pot Party next year, finally relieving Charlene of that task after several years of putting it on herself.

Tammy and Pat were trolling in about 230’ of water Friday when they hooked up!  Tammy grabbed the rod, and found she had a really feisty Sailfish hooked up.  Pat said it stripped about 500 yards of line and really put up a good fight, but Tammy fought it all the way to the boat!  They quickly took some pictures and released it, healthy and still full of fight, to be caught again some day.


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