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Report White Shark Sightings

Report White Shark Sightings

Look sharp people, it is the season for the Great White Sharks to be here again, and One was sited just before these darn Nor-Westers started blowing us off the water.  If you spot one be sure to report your sighting!

How to report an encounter!

Go to ( That link is also on our Fishing links Page for future reference.)and follow the link for the White Shark Encounter Survey You can also download a copy of the survey to fill out. Completed surveys can be sent to: UNF Shark Biology Program University of North Florida 1 UNF Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32224

What information to report? Your report can help research efforts by providing the following information: Name, phone number, and email address Date, time, and location of encounter Size and behavior of white shark Your activity at the time of the encounter Information on distinguishing markings Reports of past encounters are welcome!

You can also download the UNF’s .pdf file under the “General Info.” tab at “Downloadable .pdf’s”

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