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May 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes


JOSFC Regular Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2012

Meeting Chaired By:  President – Danny Del Rio
Muintes By:  Secretary – Patti Kalaitzis

Member Present Absent Member Present Absent
Danny Del Rio X Will Aitken X
Paul Gallup X Tom Darga X
Carol Hixenbaugh X Greg Wallace X
Patti Kalaitzis X Alan Shepard X
Larry Hixenbaugh X Don Cook X
Steve Kalaitzis X


The meeting was called to order at 8:10p.m.
Dolphin First Coast Challenge Tournament from April 21-June 3, best of 3 days, weighs 2 biggest Dolphins for aggregate; pick and choose your days for competition.  First place is $15K with lots of cash prizes. Boundaries are 3140 Savannah, GA and 2829 Cape Canaveral, FL ~ Captains can leave the night before but must call prior to 10pm that day. After April 13th the entry fee will be $375.00.
Unlimited Trolling Tournament is May 19th with a rain date of May 26th
May Trolling Tournament is May 20th with a rain date of May 27th                             
53rd Club’s Birthday Party & Past Presidents w/shrimp boil is June 7th
Junior Angler Tournament is June 17th


Big THANKS to all who has brought in so many great dishes to share! Larry & Carol did great work on the sheet cakes!

GUEST SPEAKER     Microphone


Our Guest Speaker was –  Larry the Fishman Finch. He was an exciting about speaker at the May 17th meeting. He  unlocked the secrets to Pompano fishing on the first coast!  Pompano are about as tasty as they come. Larry showed off his skills with a video, pictures and funny stories. Some pointers given when fishing for Pompano is use a long rod ~ 10’, through beyond the waves (100-150yards), use live sand fleas (Can be caught before sunrise by doing the “Sand Flea Shuffle”), Crabs are 2nd choice. Since sand fleas are best kept alive, place them in a bucket with sand and keep the bucket on ice. Migration of Pompano can be visible when Cobia are running (water temperature are what drives them). Water temps at 68% are best catching Pompano.

MEMBERSHIP      Welcome

Visiting guests and new members were recognized and well received ~ Welcome Aboard! Currently  we have 245 members to date. Possibly 247 by the end of the night ?? !!

FISHING REPORTS     Fishing Report

According to the FWC Law Enforcement; website below is the best reference when looking up which fish species are opened or closed. Keep in mind changes daily.

Cobia of 59lbs was caught   !         
Jarod Ogin        1.77lbs    Blue Fish   
Jack Ogin        13.5lbs    Kingfish
Marci Summerfill    7.5lbs        Triggerfish

Vern Summerfill    3lbs        Beliner

Vern Summerfill    8.5lbs        Triggfish
Larissa Ogin        7.8lbs        Bonita

Bob Cripe        25.2lbs    Grouper

Jenna Ogin        1.68lbs    Spanish Mackerel
Jack Ogin Jr.    10.5lbs    Kingfish

Congratulations to all Anglers!

UPCOMING EVENTS     Upcoming Events

TOURNAMENT                          DATE           RAIN DATE            HOST

May Trolling Tournament          5/20                 5/27                AJ Proescher

Junior Angler tournament         6/17                  6/24               Jack Ogin

Kingfish Tune-Up tournament    7/8                 7/15                 Greg Wallace

The Powder puff Tournament      8/12                 8/19             Tina Proescher

The Light Tackle Tournament      8/26                 9/1               Greg Wallace

The Bottom fishing tournament     9/8                 9/9                  AJ Proescher

October 20th is the JOSFC Club’s Banquet with awards will be held at the same venue as last year.

WEBSITE     web links

Kuddo’s to Bill Breen on the upkeep of the JOSFC website! Please let us know your comments!

RAFFLE     Raffle Tks

Raffle tickets can win you some great prices!

Raffle table has t-shirts, fishing rod/reel, floatable tools, Diawa reel, canvas tackle bags, fishing line, hooks and other great prices.

Congratulations to the winners!

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:32p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
PattiK Sig
Patti Kalaitzis
JOSFC Secretary

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