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Great time was had by all!

Great time was had by all!


A great time was had by all at the 2011 JOSFC Annual Awards Banquet.

The Awards Banquet was held at the Ramada Inn at San Jose & Hwy 295.  The place was perfect for our banquet, and past President Don Cook has redeemed his good name as all I heard were words of praise for his selection of Banquet halls, and everyone had plenty to eat and the food was absolutely First Class!

I also heard lots of praise for Don’s leadership of the club for the past year.  


We had a good DJ, and he had some good music for everyone to dance to, and good dinner music.

We got to celebrate 2 birthday’s while there, Sandy McGowan, and Monica Darga!

Tarus Chatman flew back just to be at our Banquet, he is currently stationed in Texas, and actually misses us!  We must be doing something right.

Tina has posted a lot of photos to our Facebook Page, go to there to see them!

Now on to the Awards . . . .

Our Captain of the Year was Greg Wallace with an impressive 67 points out of a possible 90.  That 67 points is the highest point total on record!  Greg won 2 tournaments, took a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 3rd place in other tournaments, plus fished the two 10 point tournaments.  He fished all 8 of our 9 tournaments that were held this year, one having been cancled due to weather.   Congratulations Greg!

The Men’s Board was won by Alan Shepard.

The Ladies Board was won by Tina Proescher.

The Unlimited Board was won by Captain Chris Rooney.

The Blue Water Board had First place taken by Tom Darga   ( No winner as each person posting only had 1 fish each.)

The Inshore Board was won by Eddie McGowan.

The Light tackle was won by Ron Cripe.

We also gave Awards to Zack Miller for an All Time Club Record – Kingfish at 53.35 Lbs,

and to Ray Chancy for an All Time Club Record – Trigger Fish at 10.5 Lbs!




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