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February 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes


JOSFC Regular Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2012

Chaired By: President – Danny Del Rio

Note Taker: Secretary – Patti Kalaitzis

Member Present Absent Member Present Absent
Danny Del Rio X Steve Kalaitzis X
Paul Gallup X Tom Darga X
Patti Kalaitzis X Alan Shepard X
Carol Hixenbaugh X Greg Wallace X
Will Aitken X Don Cook X
Larry Hixenbaugh X



The meeting was called to order at 8:08pm.
If you are still interested please contact their office at (904) 745-3057, emails ~ Russ Brodie, Russel at,  Justin Solomon at
El Cheapo Tournament coming up on February 25th ~  Colored Posters are located in the back ~ Please take a few and post! Brochures have been distributed to bait and tackle shops. Pushing for 400 boats would like to have 500!
RFA FL Angler’s Rally with guest speaker Congressman Ander Crenshaw on March 6, 7-7pm for meet and greet and 7-9pm is the meeting at Sneaker’s Sports Grille ~ 8133 Point Meadows Drive, 32256. Projecting 300-400 people!
Inez Higginbotham with the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament  ~ graciously put on last years Ladies Salifish Pot Party and will do it again this year, unless there is a lady who catches a Sailfish. The party is on April 28th same time as the men’s sailfish Pot party ~ Please come out and enjoy the event!    



Annual Chili Cook-Off ! JOSFC members cooked up a batch of their best Chili for dinner!  Sides and desserts were provided by Chef Larry. Judges were Tom Darga, Rob Cripe and Jack Shaffer.  Prizes went for the BEST Chili in the house; first place ~ Robert Vermillion, second place ~ Johnny Beemer, and third place went to Tim Altman.  Congratulations! Thank you all who brought in some great chili dishes!

GUEST SPEAKER   Microphone

Our Guest Speaker is Captain Vic Tyson, and Rick Hale (Rick’s Bait & Tackle and State Chairman); representatives of the RFA (Recreational Fishing Alliance). If you are not a member, go to  and become a member! The RFA is the National organization that is fighting for our fishing, and filing the lawsuits against NOAA and the SAMFC and their false “Data” they are using to close our fishing.  It is ONLY $35.00  a Year! ($30.00 goes to our Lobbyist in Washington DC and the $5.00 goes to the state of Florida)
RFA’s Mission is to safeguard the rights of saltwater anglers, protect marine, boat and tackle industry jobs and to ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation’s fisheries.
For years the “overfishing” words has been used by environmental writers and media outlets to warn Americans about the impending collapse of our global fisheries has been taken grossly out of context. The difference between statutory and biological definitions however is what’s destroying America’s fishing industry, and it’s exactly why the RFA calls the word overfishing a simple “term of art.”
Outlaw United Nations Agenda 21 ~ which will close fisheries without non-scientific data and figures until they decide to reopen.
New President Executive order with the National Oceans Act ~ Catch shares commodity. opposition to catch shares in the recreational sector. When it comes to privatizing the nation’s fisheries under the guise of a new fisheries management tool, RFA reiterates that no means no. “We don’t have the luxury of being able to compromise away the rights of coastal stakeholders, our mission statement doesn’t accept it and our core beliefs won’t allow it,”
Also, trying to get sponsorships, please sign-up and fight with me on fishing Rights for all! “Help us, Help You”!
RFA is now on Facebook!

MEMBERSHIP        Welcome

Of our regular yearly paid members, we have only had 63 renew out of over 200 members last year!  That is a lot of our members that have NOT renewed yet! Just to name a few, your Membership card is good for 10% to 15% off your purchases at several of our local bait, tackle and boating shops around Jacksonville, you get 24 FREE meals for you and your family AND any friends you bring to a club meeting, by posting a fish to the boards you get a $5.00 fish slip to spend at local bait & tackle shops. This is just to name a few, so many other great benefits!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Benny Kiss, Cody Krafft and Richard Phillips

FISHING REPORTS    <*))))><{

According to the FWC Law Enforcement; website below is the best reference when looking up which fish species are opened or closed. Keep in mind changes daily.
New Fishing Rules book has been updated and printed as a 8×11 ~ readable booklet. Copies are available.

The JOSFC Fishing schedule will be passed out once confirmed with the SKA schedule, to prevent any conflicts.

No fishing to be reported


February 11th at 8:30am ~ Club Clean-up for the El Cheapo Tournament
February 16th at 5:30pm ~ El Cheapo Bag Stuffing
February 24th Preparations and set-up
February 25th ~ 12th Annual El Cheap Sheephead Tournament Day


Website is doing well. Please let us know your comments!

RAFFLE   Raffle_Tks

Raffle tickets can win you some great prices!
Raffle table has rod & reel, canvas tackle bags, line, pliers, and other great prices. Vacuuming honors for winning of the Rod/reel went to Dan Vermillion ~

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Patti Kalaitzis
JOSFC Secretary



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