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Bill Breen

Chris Bernacki Helping a Junior Angler with his Kingfish

The JOSFC Mission

  The Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club is a sporting association started in 1959 as a group of local fisherman committed to making offshore fishing in the Jacksonville area more…

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Countdown to El Cheapo

    0n behalf of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club, welcome to the 16th annual “El Cheapo” Sheepshead Tournament!      You only have:  Style Size . Colors Text Background…

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Past El Cheapo Champions

Here are the past winners of the El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament. Year -      Name -                    Sheepshead Weight Pounds 2001 -        Mark Collins -              8.3 2002 -        Tom Meyer -               11.0 2003 -       …

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El Cheapo 13

2013 El Cheapo Photos

    For all the photos of this great fun day, go to Facebook and look for El Cheapo Tournament and look at the Albums!      This is Larry…

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Join The R.F.A.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance is the organization that is fighting the SAMFC in the courts, for all of us! They need every member and penny they can raise to fight…

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2011 El Cheapo!

On behalf of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club, welcome to the 11th annual “El Cheapo” Sheepshead Tournament!The Tournament will be held at the Mike Scanlan Boat Ramp at Mayport,…

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LIghtningI learned long ago from an old successful salesman that the first thing one had to do in a prospective sales presentation was to get the customers undivided attention. So, in an effort to get your undivided attention, I will cite some of the very grim boating fatality statistics from the Florida Marine Police.

For instance, the current 2010 statistics show that most boating fatalities to date are from drowning. The cause of those drowning … nearly 90% were not wearing life jackets when they entered the water. Following are just two examples:

  1. On May 22 a boater fell overboard from a 32 foot contender and drowned.
  2. On May 23 a 14 foot Jon boat was swamped on Eagle Lake with 4 on board.  A 23 year old drowned while attempting to swim to shore.

Many have advised me that they carry life jackets on board their vessel with the idea of putting them on when an emergency arises. Detailed case studies show that boat accidents and capsizing happen so fast that there is usually no time to don a life jacket. Remember the Scout motto: Be prepared. So, wear your life jacket. If not for you, think of your family with you out of the picture.

Now, back to the main subject of this month:  Lightning.  You will see the lightning before you hear the thunder because sound travels much slower than light. You can determine the distance of the storm by counting one thousand one to five after you see the lightning.  Each five counts tell you that the lightning is about one mile away. If your count shows that the storm is less that 10 miles, you should head for safety since data shows that lightning can strike out 10 miles in front of a storm where the sky may even be clear. The comment that if you can hear the thunder, head inside or for shelter is so true.

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The "Casablanca" is a 365' LST that was sunk in 1972. The intent was to make this drop in the BR area, but bad weather, combined with a trapped air…

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