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Bill Breen

Good to Know Facts for the Fight

Here are some facts that you can use to battle the closures. According to the American Sports Fishing Association, Florida leads the nation in impact from recreational fishing. What's more,…

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Members Helping Members

These are JOSFC Club Members, who have skills that you might need. They do offer a Club Discount so if you need work done, call them first! Boat Repairs: Captain…

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2016 El Cheapo Was Great!

  Thank You North Eastern Florida!     The 2016 El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament was a great success, a great time was had by everyone!   Here is a wrap up…

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Alan Hodges

2015 Tournament Wrap Up

The 2015 El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament is in the books!  Lots of drama for this year’s event but in the end, Allen Hodges and crew took home the grand prize…

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2014 El Cheapo prizes

                                                                                                                                                                                                             The 2014 El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament        14th edition, Bigger and Better than last year! Want to see what an $80.00 Entry…

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53rd Sailfish Pot Party!

  You are ALL invited to the 53rd Annual Sailfish Pot Party!        This year the 53rd  Annual “2738” Sailfish Pot Party is set for the 28th of…

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EL Cheapo Results

  The 11th Annual El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament  was a great success ...    Thank You !   Over $90,000.00 in Cash, Prizes, raffle items, and Captain’s Bag items were given…

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The Dry Dock – AFDM-9

  The placement of Dry Dock AFDM-9 is probably one of the most unique artificial reefs ever developed by the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club (JOSFC). Size alone places it…

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