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250 Lb Marlin

250 Lb Marlin

Gary is the one on the Right looking more dead than the fish!Some Club Members had a great time at FishingNosara in Costa Rica our own Gary Newman, Bill Wilderotter, and Chuck Darner  and Ronnie P. went down and actually caught some fish.  Gary caught and released a big

250 Lb Marlin!!!

Way to go Gary!  Congratulations! 

Chuck Darner, not to be outdone, managed to hook and land and release a really big Rooster Fish, and Then Ronnie

That Rooster is so big Chuck could only hold the little end!P.  was not going to be left out of the picture, caught a big BroomTail Grouper! At least Ronnie held up the heavy part of his fish!

I think that Gary needs to go swimming for that Marlin, maybe we should extend our chart to include Costa Rica.  I will have to bring that up at our next Board meeting.

I am also open to suggestions on how to get that silly grin off Chuck’s face, I think it is stuck that way!


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