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El Cheapo a Success!

El Cheapo a Success!

10th_sheepsheadKid_w__sheepsheadWe want to thank all of you that participated in and volunteered and worked so very hard that made the 10th Annual El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament a great success!

While the weather was on the chilly side, and it did get a little wet for a couple of hours, in the end the sun came out and overall it was a good day.

Tournament Results Click Here

The food was great, the El Cheapo Botiqueo did well the raffles went quickly and well, and the only complaint I heard was from Ron Carr, complaining about some guy’s snoring keeping him awake all night. I didn’t hear any other complaints from the participants.

Once again we all owe Frank Joura a great big THANK YOU for the months of work he puts in, organizing, getting the presenting sponsors, as well as other sponsors, and running the El Cheapo!
Along with Frank, this year we should also thank Rob Darner who stepped up and was Frank’s right hand, as Frank had some other distractions with Caroline’s Surgery on her back. ( Yes, she is doing very well.)
So Frank and Rob, this seams inadequate, but, 

                                     THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE JOSFC!

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