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You Said It! 2023 Membership Survey

You Said It! 2023 Membership Survey

We, the Board of Directors, are constantly trying to ensure that we are doing our best to represent the wants and needs of our members. We have found that one way to achieve this is to regularly poll members to find out what they are thinking, what they like and what changes they would like to see take place.

This summer we launched the 2023 Member Survey. We were not disappointed. We received responses from 47 different members about topics from soup to nuts. In fact, in addition to quick answers to our many questions, we received 20 pages of comments!

The recap of survey results can be found here – 2023 JOSFC Member Survey Recap.

We really appreciate that members are so forthcoming  and candid with their thoughts. Stay tuned as we work on adjusting club operations to help serve our members better!


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