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Triple Challenge Tournament

Hail To Captain Chris Nichols
Well this is how you start a new fishing year. The 2019 fishing boards are open, and the Captains Board is already crowded with 10 names listed. This year is starting off as one of the best in many years. November 3rd was the first of the new year’s tournaments. We had a staggering 22 boats signed up to fish including the add on at the door. 19 boats fished the event with 15 boats weighing in. The biggest surprise was the amount of new inshore fisherman we have in the club. They showed up in force for this event. 4 new members who only joined the club over the last 2 months brought their friends and had a wonderful time. Guy Sanders an avid inshore man who just joined the club over the last couple of weeks texted me and asked if he could fish it. Of course, any member can fish any of our club tournaments that is the beauty of this club. Inshore, offshore doesn’t matter the club is here for that reason. TO FISH AND HAVE FUN.
Alright let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This was the Triple Challenge event. Eligible species Flounder, Speckled Trout, Red Fish. Rules were simple catch all three. Speckled Trout no problem, Red Fish didn’t stand a chance with the inshore guys. Evidently the flounder decided he was going to throw a monkey wrench in to this celebration as only 3 were landed 1 an amazing 5.5 lbs caught by Kevin Keller. Amazingly many anglers shared the same story. I had him until I got him to the boat and Bam he was gone. I seriously think they just hold the bait in their mouth until they see you and laughs as he spits the bait out and swims away looking at you. Yep gotta love the flatty. Well one person was able to catch all three. Chris Nichols was the only angler to land all three fish. All hail Chris.
1st place Chris Nichols automatically for landing the Triple.
Red 2.9 lbs
Trout 1.6 lbs
Flounder 1.6 lbs
2nd place Tom Darga = 6.9 lbs
Red 4,3 lbs
Trout 2.6 lbs
3rd place Dustin Girard = 6.2 lbs
Red 4.4 lbs
Trout 1.8 lbs
4th Kevin Keller = 5.5 lbs
Flounder 5.5 lbs
5th place Randall Duncan = 4.1 lbs
Flounder 2.4 lbs
Trout 1.7 lbs

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