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The Fun Starts, Triple Challenge Tournament

The Fun Starts, Triple Challenge Tournament

Spotted Seatrout           Red Fish 

                Spotted Seatrout                                                                  Redfish            



Yup, the Fun begins!   January 3rd we started our 10 tournament challenging slate of, free to club members, Tournaments for Captain of the Year!

Congratulations to Capt. Steve Shaw, our first Triple Challenge Winner!  Steve and crew caught a Trout at 2.1 Lbs, a Redfish at 3 Lbs and a Sheepshead at 7.4 Lbs for a total of 12.5 Lbs!  ( IF you want to know who placed where, it is at the  end of article. )

We began with the Triple Challenge Tournament that is fished in the river and sloughs for the above 3 fish.  The combined weight of your 3 biggest ( One of each Species ) will determine your place and points.  

At the end of September the Captain with the most points wins the prestigious title of the JOSFC’s Captain of the Year!

We have the Triple Challenge,  the Sheepshead Tune-Up Tournament, the River Tournament, the Non-Live Tournament, the May Trolling Tournament, the Unlimited Trolling Tournament, the Light Tackle Tournament ( 8 Lb Test or lighter ONLY ), the Kingfish Tune-Up Tournament,  the Junior Angler Tournament ( Captain runs the boat, Kids do the fishing ) the Ladies Tournament, ( Ladies 18 and over have to do the fishing ) and the Bottom Fishing Tournament.  Each of the 11 Tournaments


present a different style of fishing and each tournament usually targets different species of fish.

Now, dont’ think you are competing against some expert fishermen and women!   I have seen the Bottom Fishing Tournament won by two (2)  half pound Whiting!   The Trolling Tournament won withone (1) Barracuda!  The Captain of the Year won by never winning a single tournament, just placing in the top 10 for all the tournaments.  These are not cut-throat win at all cost tournaments, but fun competition between friends.  This club is a lot of fun for all involved.  If you would like to be part of this you can find the join the club forms under the “ABOUT” tab, or if you have any questions, use the “CONTACT” tab to contact us.

The rest of the field came in with the following catches.

2nd Place – Dustin Girrard

     Redfish 4.5 Lbs – Flounder 1.1 Lbs – Sheepshead 2.8 Lbs

3rd Place – Frank Joura

     Trout 1.8 Lbs – Redfish 3.8 Lbs – Sheepshead 1.8 Lbs

4th Place – Alan Shepard

     Trout  1.8 Lbs – Redfish 2.9 Lbs – Sheepshead2.5 Lbs

5th Place – AJ Proescher

      Trout 1.2 Lbs – Flounder .7 Lbs – Sheepshead 1.7 Lbs

6th Place – Butch Ogin

      Flounder .9 Lbs – Sheepshead 2.3 Lbs

7th Place – Laddie Burge

      Sheepshead 2.4 Lbs

8th Place – Bill Breen

     Trout .5 Lbs – Sheepshead 1.6 Lbs.


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