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Join Us!

Our next meeting is October 4, 2018   All our meetings are open to all visitors!   We mean this! Come enjoy an evening with people like you, men and ladies that fish and enjoy the outdoors!  

The meeting is at our Clubhouse located at the Mayport Boat Ramp. ( Map at the bottom of our Home Page. )    We open the doors at 6:00 PM so you can meet everyone and talk fishing ( What else is there to talk about? )

This meeting will be our Junior Angler Boards Awards, Hot Dog Roast & Ice Cream Social!

This is the last meeting before our Annual Awards Banquet ( For Adults Only ) and your chance to pre-buy your Banquet Tickets.

Our club tournaments are over for the 2018 year, but our next club tournament will be scheduled for November or December, and it will be the first of the 10 Tournaments for the 2018 / 2019 year for Club Captain of the Year!   It will be the Triple Challenge Tournament.  Fished inshore, and you need to catch one each of Trout, Redfish, and Flounder.   The club tournaments are open to anyone to fish, but if you are not a club member you have an entry fee of $30 that goes to the Tournament Within the Tournament.  $10 goes to the Club, and $20 to the TWT split 50% – 30% – 20% with any club members that enter the TWT.   IF you want to find out more, just come to the meeting and meet have a good time!

Kids are not only welcome, but encouraged!  We are a Family friendly club with our number one rule being:   ” Fishing is FUN! “


Come visit us and maybe win or score some good fishing gear as the Raffle is open to all!

All our meetings are,  “Don’t miss”  meetings, so don’t miss one! Get off your chair and come on out and have a great evening!  As I like to say, kidnap a friend or neighbor and bring them to the club for a dinner, and good fishing lies. . . .  I mean stories!   They may grumble to begin with, but once they get there they will thank you!

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