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Join Us!

Our next meeting is August 17, 2017  Dinner will start about 7:00 PM at our Club House located at the rear of the Mayport Boat Ramp. ( See Map at the bottom of the page. ) All our meetings are open to visitors! This is a regular meeting, and we will be having a great guest speaker as usual.  If you missed the 3rd’s meeting you missed a great seminar on bottom fishing by Premiere Charter Captain Dennis Young!

Dinner will be another great Tasha Mincey and crew feed, so be sure you get there in time to eat before the speaker starts!

As always we will have a Great Raffle at the end so bring an extra dollar so you can get that winning ticket!

All our meetings are,  “Don’t miss”  meetings, so don’t miss one! Get off your chair and come on out and have a great evening!  As I like to say, kidnap a friend or neighbor and bring them to the club for a dinner, and good fishing lies. . . .  I mean stories!   They may grumble to begin with, but once they get there they will thank you!

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