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Join Us!

Our next meeting is February 6, 2020,   This will be our Annual Chili Cook-Off meeting.

The Club will provide some crackers, Sour cream and side “Fixins” to go with the Chili

Seriously plan on being there and bring your Ant-Acid!. This is a great dinner and lots of fun. Oh, don’t forget to bring the kids!
We open the doors at 6:00 PM so you can meet everyone and talk fishing ( What else is there to talk about? )  Then our  dinner starts at 7:00 PM.  Next we award our “Fish Slips” to everyone that has caught a fish to post on the “Fishing Boards”  All the Boards are wide open as our “Fishing Year” has just started so just about any fish caught can make it to the boards!  Finally we end with a Raffle!

All our meetings are open to all visitors!   We mean this! Come enjoy an evening with people like you, men and ladies that fish and enjoy the outdoors!

The meeting is at our Clubhouse located at the Mayport Boat Ramp. ( Map at the bottom of our Home Page. )

Kids are not only welcome, but encouraged!   We are a Family friendly club with our number one rule being:   ” Fishing is FUN! “


Come visit us and maybe win or score some good fishing gear as the Raffle is also open to all!

All our meetings are,  “Don’t miss”  meetings, so don’t miss one! Get off your chair and come on out and have a great evening!  As I like to say, kidnap a friend or neighbor and bring them to the club for a dinner, and good fishing lies. . . .  I mean stories!   They may grumble to begin with, but once they get there they will thank you!

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