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Our Junior Angler Tournament

Our Junior Angler Tournament

Byron DarnerThe JOSFC will be having it’s annual Junior Angler Tournament on June 24th. 

This is a Club Tournament but it is for the KIDS!  All Captains that participate will get 10 points toward Captain of the Year regardless of where they place, and the kids can weigh just about anything that they catch. (Check the Tournament Rules under the Junior Angler Tournament.)  You can fish in the River, Inshore, or for Whiting just off the beach, or head on out for whatever you want.  The idea is to make it fun for the kids, so if it is sloppy off shore, you can fish in the river. We have the two age brackets, 0 to 11, and 12 to 17 so everyone has a chance to compete against kids in their own age bracket.

Round up a couple of kids and take them fishing for a fun day on the water! 

Not a member but want to join us for this tournament?  No problem, you can join the club and sign-up for the tournament as late as 5:59AM on the 24th!

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