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New Club Record Fish

New Club Record Fish

Darrin W 12.42 Lb  This one almost slipped through the cracks!   It sure pays to check your catch against the Club Records and boards.  

Darrin Willingham caught this 12.42 pound Sheepshead while fishing with Steve Grant of C & H Lures in February just a few days BEFORE the El Cheapo.  He submitted his Fish Slip and got credit for his catch, but with the hustle and work of the El Cheapo, we forgot to check it against the Club Records.

Darrin wrote:

 We went fishing six days before the El Cheapo a few miles out from Mayport.  Really no luck early on in the morning, but as Lady Luck would have it, Jacqui Grant pulled up a nice sized Sheepshead (it was either 5 pounds or 8 pounds….can’t remember because we caught so many) and that started a day of fishing that none of us out there will soon forget.  (I’m glad that Jacqui pulled that fish in when she did….we were getting ready to pull up the anchor and go in.)
 Here is my 12.42 pound Sheepshead caught with 2 fiddler crabs on one hook (Steve’s special hooking technique…..CLASSIFIED)….It was a tournament winning fish caught 6 days to early……..It’s all good……Thanks again Steve and Jacqui…….”Living The Dream”

Darrin Willingham

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