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Mayport Elementary School Spring Fling

Mayport Elementary School Spring Fling

Mayport Girl 1

Mayport Elementary Spring Fling is a success for JOSFC

On Saturday April 27th JOSFC was invited to attend the Annual Spring Fling at our new business partners Mayport Marine Science Elementary.  Monica and I attended the event that ran from the hours of 10:00 AM  to 2:00 PM 

We had a wonderful time working with students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  We played games such as “Are you stronger than Wahoo?” were t

Mayport Girl 2

he students pulled on a lure with no hooks attached to my 50 wide reel with the drag set at 20 pound drag.  On the left the young lady is holding a C & H Purple and Pearl Flame.

Unfortunately she would not let go, saying,  “but purple is my favorite color and it matches my hair” and then she gave me the pouty look when I told her she had to return it.  Guess who won that battle?

 Students also participated in a casting tournament on distance and accuracy were each student would pretend that they are casting to a square area that had a number on it and won a sticker if they were able to place it in the square.




The next event that we will be participating in is Science night were we will be discussing the importance of artificial reefs and the marine life that lives on these reefs

Tom and Mayport boy










      Tom Darga
     JOSFC Vice President

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