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Hopes for a Happy New Year

Hopes for a Happy New Year

Congressman RutherfordOn December 29, 2016, newly elected Congressman J. Rutherford came to the JOSFC Club House to speak with us about our concerns with fishing regulations.  Congressman Rutherford is an avid outdoors man, but he admitted he is not a saltwater fisherman.  However he is very concerned with the out of control rules being pushed on us and that is one of his first agenda items when he gets to Washington.

I have to really give him credit for his commitment to his new job.  He had a whopper of a cold, but he still showed up and listened to us for almost 2 hours!

We had a really good cross section of the fishing community there, Sport fishing, Commercial fishing, Charter Captains and Shrimpers.  We all got to tell him of our concerns and hopes and he was given a couple of packets of information to have for reference, like the fact that Sport Fishing brings in, to the Greater Jacksonville area OVER $600 MILLION DOLLARS in revenue each and every year, year after year after year!

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