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Fishin for Wounded Warriors

Fishin for Wounded Warriors

Joe Tooker

     Hey!  My name is Joseph Tooker.  I am an avid offshore and inshore fisherman as many of you know.  I have lived here in Jacksonville over the past 10 years,   and  have been a member of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club. This August I am traveling to Kodiak Island, Alaska for 17 days to fish for Salmon, Halibut, rock fish, cod, and many more pacific species.  
During my trip I will be volunteering to support the Wounded Warrior Project with my friend Brandyn Sampson, an active duty USCG member.  I will be volunteering as a mate to assist Brandon in taking out several Wounded Warriors out on the water in Kodiak, Alaska. We intend on fishing with these wounded warriors for approximately 4 days.

     Most of you know of the Wounded Warrior Project charity that raises money to support our wounded veterans in many ways.  In an effort to give back even more, I would like to request many of you to pledge a donation to be given to the Wounded Warrior Project after my excursion.   You can donate by either making a pledge per fish that I catch during my trip, a not to exceed donation, or a single donation amount.

     Here is my donation site for the

wounded warriors for my Alaska trip. If you like you can donate online via credit card or check.   Or wait till I return from my trip.  If you donate, please send me your email address so I can add you all to the fishing report.

Thanks to those who have replied back with donations for this great cause.  If you send me a check already, no worries…ill pass it on to the WWP. 

After my trip, for those that donated, I will report out on the trip with a write up of my fishing adventure along with plenty of photos.  I request that all donations be made out to The Wounded Warrior Project.  Or donated online at

I am excited to have the opportunity to fish in Alaska with one of the locals, and at the same time, give back to the community.  I thank you for your generous donations and look forward to returning back to Jacksonville to report out on my excursion to the last frontier.
Joseph Tooker

Phone Number:____________________________________________________________
Email Address:____________________________________________________________
Donation Amount:_________________________________________________________
(25$, 50$, 100$, 25¢ each fish, 50¢ each fish, 1$ each fish, 10$ per each halibut, 5$ per each salmon, etc….you tell me how you want to donate!)


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