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May 5, 2011 Minutes

May 5, 2011 Minutes

JOSFC Reular Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2011

Meeting chaired by:  President – Don Cook
Note Taker:  Secretary –  Alison Thornton

Board Member Present Absent Board Member Present Absent
Don Cook X Paul Gallup X
Danny Del Rio X AJ Proescher X
Alison Thornton X Greg Wallace X
Tina Proescher X Alan Shepard X
Larry Hixenbaugh X Chris Rooney X
Butch Ogin X



The meeting was called to order at 8:00pm.

Don made announcement that Paul has the new member  packets now for those that never received one.  See Paul Gallup.

This Saturday May 7, Unlimited tournament will be held in conjunction with the Morning Star Fishing Derby – combining our weigh in with them.

The May 19 meeting will be pot luck dinner, club will provide the deserts.  The speaker is scheduled to be DOA lures.

May 22 is the May Trolling tournament.

The June 2 meeting is the annual club birthday and past presidents meeting.

Lo Country boil is the menu.  Low_Country_Boil



Dinner was goulash, rolls, beans, and brownies – Thank you Carol and Larry!


Kayla out of Tallahassee with Florida Wildlife Commissions was our guest speaker. Subject – Circle Hooks, Venting and Dehookers.

Talked about sportfish restoration – Grants pay for reefs, maintain boat ramps, and build new ones.

Red Drum stock enhancements.. she gave stats. There is a new hatchery near Sebastian.

Lion Fish invasion from the Florida Keys to Rhode Island and also the Bahamas. They can live to be 15 years or longer. Their spines are venomous, just at the tips of the spines. Lion Fish have no natural predators. The Florida Keys holds a Lion Fish Derby to try to reduce the population.
Barotrauma (Barotrauma is physical damage to body tissues caused by a difference in pressure between an air space inside or beside the body and the surrounding gas or liquid.) occurs at 50′ and deeper. Signs are bloated swim bladder, bulging eyes, inverted stomach.
Techniques.. Venting – use a hollow sharpened needle, put the needle behind the pectoral fin and puncture there. Do not puncture stomach that is coming out of the fish’s mouth, it will go down on its own after puncturing behind the fin.
Another newer technique is done with using the Blacktip Catch and Release Recompression Tool. With this, the fish is held firmly by the jaw with a scissor type grip that is coated and does not need to puncture the fish in any way to hold it. This insures no infection. The fish will be held until the device contacts the bottom where the fish is released automatically. You need to have a separate rod and reel designated to use this technique. You can buy this at West Marine.  Release_tool

Circle Hooks are required to catch snapper and grouper.
In the Gulf, must use Circle Hooks. Reason for this, less likely to be swallowed therefore less damage to the fish.

It is the law that you have a dehooking tool on your boat, and use it in federal waters.

Kayla reminded everyone to please use conservation techniques, take only what you want.
Also make sure you recycle your old mono line.

Grouper season opened May 1 Stone Crab season closes May 15.

Kayla gave members books and pamphlets on information and provided everyone with circle hooks. Circle_Hooks
Great seminar, thank you Kayla!


Paul welcomed two new members to the club, Travis Peters and Mike Burks. WELCOME!


Dani Deyton from the David Garrard Foundation came and talked about the tournament May 21 “Fishing for the Cure”. It is being held Saturday May 21 at the Conch House in St. Augustine. The benefits go to the foundation which is benefiting Breast Cancer and Crohn’s disease.
This is the 2nd annual tournament/fund raiser.
The entry fee has been lowered for 2011 to $350 per boat. Top prize is two club seats worth $5,000 for the 2011 Jaguar season.
The tournament has both an inshore and an offshore divisions.
Top prizes are based on points.
Dani left brochures with entry information

For more information, go to http://www.fishingforthecure.orgDavid_Garrard


Greg talked about the Morningstar tournament and our club tournament to be held May 7. Times are 5am to 6pm for both tournaments. Greg and Paul’s cellphone numbers were given out for check out.


1st Place Greg Wallace
Amberjack 25.3 lbs
Cobia 20.0 lbs
Kingfish 7.0 lbs
TOTAL 52.3 lbs

2nd Place Jeff Deyton
Dolphin 15.1 lbs
Dolphin 16.8 lbs
Bonita 10.5 lbs
TOTAL 42.4 lbs

3rd Place Steve Kalaitus
Barracuda 15.2 lbs
Kingfish 4.2 lbs
Trigger 3.8 lbs
TOTAL 23.2 lbs


1ST place , Larry Higgenbotham 25.3 lb Amberjack
2nd place, Alan Shepard 20.0 lb Cobia
3rd place, Byron Darner 8.1 lb Barracuda.

CONGRATS to all winners and participants!


Byron Darner Jr Angler board 1.5 lb Bluefish
Alan Sheppard Mens board 7.0 lb Kingfish
Tom Darga Mens board 28.4 lb Barracuda
Larry Hixenbaugh Mens board 25.3 lb Amberjack


Bean bag, lures, lots of stuff!

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm


Respectfully submitted,

Alison Thornton
JOSFC Secretary

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