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56th Sailfish Pot Party

56th Sailfish Pot Party

 Sailfish Pot    The 56th Annual Sailfish Pot Party is Coming!


Here is the history of the Sailfisn Pot, a 56 year tradition here on the North East Coast of Florida.

First the Sailfish Pot Party is NOT a JOSFC function.  It is it’s own stand alone tradition party that was started back in 1959.  Just a coincidence that the JOSfC started that same year.   Back then most of the offshore fishermen only knew each other by their radio names on the CB radios.  They talked a lot but usually only fished with a couple of close friends. 

In 1959 a few of the  fishermen were sitting around ( Only because it was to rough to go out. ) one of their garages talking about fishing and decided that they needed to meet some of the other people out there fishing and came up with a plan to put together a party for everyone.

They came up with the idea of everyone that wanted to put some money in a pot and the first person that caught a Sailfish would win the pot!  He would then have to throw a party with most of the winnings for everyone that put in the pot.   It just happened that the fisherman who’s garage they were in jumped up and said he had the perfect pot for it, and after a couple of minutes of rummaging around in his garage he came up with the old Hospital Chamber Pot, ( Bed Pan )  

That my friends is how they got the name for the “Sailfish Pot Party”!  

This party has grown into the biggest fisherman party on the coast, and the best party you will ever attend.  It is a Stag Party, Men only so the beer and language can flow and the Oysters, Chicken Wings and Steaks ( Cook your own steak over a charcoas grill at the party. ) can be devoured with little reguard for manners!  

They also have one great BIG Raffle with thousands of dollars in prizes to win!  

Just Click on the Sailfish at the bottom of this article to download the .pdf file of the Entry form!    You will be taken to the Downloadable .pdf page, and you Click on the file “2015  Pot Party Entry” and it will download directly to your desktop or download folder!     Sail Silhouette

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