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2012 Banquet was Great

2012 Banquet was Great

 J Ogin Capt of Year  Congratulations to Jack Ogin our Captain of the Year for 2012!

   This year we again had an outstanding time at the 2012 Annual Awards Banquet. 

   Everyone had a great time and enjoyed some fantastic food, all you could eat Prime Rib, Shrimp, Snow Crab Legs, Chicken, Pork, and naturally lots of good vegies and salad.  Now about that fantastic dessert table, I gained 3 pounds just walking past it!  I admit it, I went back for seconds on dessert, it was that good!

   After we all ate, we got started with our Awards.  As noted above Jack Ogin Jr. won the coveted Captain of the Year spot, and got a nice Tiagra 30 wide and beautiful Glass Trophy for his powers as a great fisherman and Captain!

   Rob Cripe Won the Men’s Board, Chris Rooney won the Unlimited Board, Greg Wallace won the Light Tackle Board, Jack Ogin Jr. AGAIN won the Inshore Board and the Ladies Board was won by Marcy Summersill!  Marcy 1st place Ladies Board

  After the Awards, we had the Raffle.  I really don’t want to talk about the Raffle.   OK, I didn’t win ANYTHING.   However, we did have a couple of BIG winners.  I will swear that two out of three tickets called went to either Rob Cripe ( I think he won the most, Rumor is he had to borrow a Pickup truck to get it all home.) or AJ Proescher. ( AJ already has a pickup and didn’t need to borrow one.) The third ticket would go to some other lucky member in the room, then they would start over Rob, AJ, Rob, someone else, Rob, Rob, AJ, someone else.

   I should have rubbed my tickets on Rob before we started the Raffle!   Even Mr. Lucky, Eddie McGowan only won one thing!  In spite of my poor showing at the Raffle, I had a great time.  If you didn’t go, you really missed the best party of the year!  

You can see all the pictures of the Banquet, thanks to Tina Proescher, at our Facebook page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page!

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