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The 2024 Sailfish Pot Party

The 2024 Sailfish Pot Party

It’s that time of year again. Time for the 65th annual Sailfish Pot Party, which will be held on Saturday April 27th at 5pm at the Atlantic Beach American Legion.

What is the Pot Party? The party, which is an event unto itself, is the kickoff to a special sailfish tournament which has been going for 65 years now. This tournament is a sudden death format where the winner is the first registered angler who catches, photographs and releases a sailfish in the Jacksonville party grounds. To be sure that the photograph is current, a special gesture will be announced during the party which must be shown in the picture.

Neat. So what is the prize you ask? A boatload of cash. The amount varies from year to year based on entries and raffle proceeds, but it tends to be pretty lucrative. And, on top of that, you get your name added to the coveted “2378” Sailfish Pot Party trophy, which is the pot that the all of the entries were collected in for the first tournament. It just happened to also be a chamber pot – that was the best thing they could find at the time!

Did somebody say something about a party? In addition to gaining access to the tournament, your quite modest entry fee grants you access to the party, where you can enjoy endless oysters (raw and steamed), a grilled-to-order steak dinner, lots of beer, an amazing raffle and great camaraderie. And, about that raffle. I happened to win the grand prize a few years ago, which was a 14′ skiff, trailer and 9.9 HP Mercury!

All of this for a crazy low price of $50 if you pay before April 20th and $65 if you pay after.

So, what’s the catch? Well, the fun can’t be had by everybody. This is a stag event. While all love women and children, they aren’t allowed at the Pot Party. (I think some of the guys just don’t want to be out-fished.)

To enter, send your name, address, email, phone number boat name, and check to our very own Jack Ogin, the 2023 Sailfish Pot Party winner!

$50 if you pay before April 20th and $65 if you pay after.

Jack Ogin
6101 Raintree Road
Jacksonville, FL 32277

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