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The Dry Dock – AFDM-9

  The placement of Dry Dock AFDM-9 is probably one of the most unique artificial reefs ever developed by the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club (JOSFC). Size alone places it…

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Chris Bernacki Helping a Junior Angler with his Kingfish

The JOSFC Mission

  The Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club is a sporting association started in 1959 as a group of local fisherman committed to making offshore fishing in the Jacksonville area more…

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The "Casablanca" is a 365' LST that was sunk in 1972. The intent was to make this drop in the BR area, but bad weather, combined with a trapped air…

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Blackmar’s Reef

Blackmar's Reef is named for Ray Blackmar, one of the original members of the Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club (JOSFC). Charlie Hamaker, the JOSFC's "Unofficial Historian" remembers meeting Ray Blackmar…

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Harm’s Ledge

The H.L. is named for one of the original members and pioneers of the club, Gus Harms. Gus owned a service station that was located at the corner of Hendrix…

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East of EF

EEF was at first named casually, to describe an area east of the EF flag that was, for many years, a secret so well guarded that the folks who knew…

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Curran’s Corner

  Named after Pappa Jack Currans. Jack owned D&D Bottle Gas company. He not only was a club member but he and his wife, Elaine were recognized because they did…

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Tanzler’s Waters

Tanzler's Waters was so named to honor the first truly environmentally-sensitive mayor of Jacksonville. Famous for his water-skiing event in the St. Johns River, he did it to prove that…

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Tournament Reef

In 1932 a proud new 225' freighter was built in Leith, Scotland. With cabins of inlaid wood from around the world and tall masts she was as graceful as she…

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Hospital Grounds

Most of these reefs run from Southeast to Northwest, with ledges from offering from 5- to 10-foot drop-offs. There are also several deep holes in the area. The HG is…

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